Growing, learning, and movin' on up!

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Hello my dearies and welcome to my brand new website!  I am excited about this new achievement and really hope to be able to continue to bring you all the funnest and most nerdiest items fresh from my laser and hands!


Let's talk a little about how I got here: In February I purchased a Glowforge Laser with no experience at ALL.  I had some neat ideas and had been doing a lot of research for many months.  At this same time, I quit my day job at a local salon (for personal reasons) with full intent on finding another salon to go to....Then comes Covid-19 and everything shuts down.  Luckily I was able to file for unemployment, so I wasn't completely screwed.  It was kind of a blessing in disguise, this whole unemployed thing.  I was able to focus my full attention on starting my home business.  I decided to start an Etsy store.


The very first item I made with my laser was the transparent neon pink menacing earrings inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.  It was definitely a big hit among my anime nerd crowd, and from there I leaped head-first into designing everything I could.  I have produced many fun favorites, but I would have to say that things really exploded for me when I created my Hisoka and Hunter x Hunter inspired star and tear drop stud earrings.  This was at the end of June, and a girl who ordered a pair did an opening video on TikTok that went viral.  Needless to say, 4th of July weekend EXPLODED with orders for me and I was knee deep in Hisoka earrings!!!  From then on, my store has seen a steady rise in popularity, especially as I continue to create new content.


Cue the dark cloud...


An LLC on behalf of Viz Media and Aniplex started hitting Etsy sellers hard with DMCA's for even the slightest nods to certain animes.  Listings started getting flagged left and right for IP Infringement.  They were even going so far as to hit cosplayers who sell commissions.  Several of my listings got flagged and deactivated by Etsy, and over time this started to disrupt my income.  This lead me to the decision to create my own website, which would actually open up new avenues for sales through Facebook and Instagram.


So here we are, and I hope that I can continue to wow you guys with my creations!  We have fun new additions such as a loyalty program for my biggest fans/repeat customers and this fun blog.  Follow along this journey with me!

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