Menacing Japanese Symbol Acrylic Pendant Necklace UV Reactive

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Laser engraved and cut neon pink acrylic pendant necklace with the kanji symbols for menacing airbrush painted.

Acrylic is UV reactive and glows bright under a blacklight!! This acrylic is REALLY pink. The photos on here do not always grasp the color, especially depending on the background. Refer to the earrings on my page with this same design for a better idea of the vibrancy of this color.

Widely used in manga and anime, the symbol is used as a means to show the menacing nature of a character or situation.

Inspired by manga such as Jojo.

Length of pendant: 2.5 inches approximately.

Width from side to side: 1.5 inch approximately.

Thickness: 1/8 inch approximately.

Length of necklace cord: 24 inches approximately.

***Acrylic can easily scratch or break when stress is applied. Use caution and be gentle to ensure longevity of your item. Seller is not liable for product once it is in the hands of the buyer.***


--Clean earrings with a soft cloth if necessary. Fingerprints/oil will show easily.

--Acrylic can scratch/break easily, so handle and wear with care.

--Earring hooks/jump rings are surgical stainless steel.

--Items are made to order, so please allow 1-3 days processing time before shipping.

--I personally handle all QC and ensure items are of utmost quality before shipping. If you are ever unhappy with an item from my shop, please contact me.